Why @HopeMob

Every day, there are incredible leaders of color engaged in some of the hardest work in our world. They walk with people through painful experiences, inspire others where there are few reasons to hope, and highlight beauty in places where it’s overlooked. But unlike many of their white peers, they often must do this work with little to no resources—no pay, small budgets, second jobs, and unnoticed voices.

Only 7% of nonprofits are directed by people of color and only 18% of nonprofit employees are people of color.

That might sound like hyperbole, but as collaborative data from Nonprofit Quarterly and the Annie E. Casey Foundation show, only 7% of nonprofits are directed by people of color and only 18% of nonprofit employees are people of color. Experienced and wise advocates for hope too often go unsupported and underfunded.”

@HopeMob is here to join with them, not to take over their ideas but to support the vision they already are at work realizing. @HopeMob tells these stories of hope in the voices, words, and way these leaders would have it told themselves. We are a community, a mob, supporting these leaders. Every small financial gift connects to provide one large resource to a local leader of color. What you give goes directly to the project and leader.

As the leader of one our flagship campaigns, Pastor Jonathan Brooks, described, when people of color, especially children, only see white hands and faces be responsible for helping them, people of color begin to believe they are only ever going to be in the position to be helped, not to help. It denies the image of God we are all created in, the image that says we all have dominion and authority over the resources of the earth. At @HopeMob, we want to challenge this image. We want to remind everyone they are made in the image of God, have been given the authority and dominion to steward the resources of the earth, and, with those resources, to call forth hope where none was to be found.

We can do better than 7%. We deserve better than 7%. Let’s amplify the voices in our communities advocating change and hope that looks like the diverse colors and experiences that true hope promises.

Your gift of $10, $20 or $1,000 united with others’ creates a vast network to support a community, a story, and a leader that otherwise never sees funding.

@HopeMob amplifies the stories, the experiences, and with technology from Pure Charity creates a platform for fundraising and donor engagement. This means leaders of color keep doing the work they believe in but often don’t have time to fundraise for while @HopeMob—and, with your help, you—advocates for the budgets they steward.

Join the @HopeMob and see the world’s hope alive in color.

I have seen hope in some of the hardest places around he world—places where you wouldn’t expect it to be so strong. I’m driven to highlight hope. Hope found in a hopeless place is contagious. It’s pure and powerful.

– Leroy Barber, @HopeMob Director