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@HopeMob Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

They are calling Hurricane Harvey a 500 year storm, and it has left South Texas with hurricane and flooding damage in ways we’ve not seen since Katrina.

@HopeMob is mobilizing to focus our support on communities and leaders of color who are impacted by the storm.

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Far too many qualified, gifted & committed leaders of color are grossly underfunded as compared to their white peers – who are often serving in the same communities.

You can be part of the changing of this narrative.

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Hope in the Bario


“If you love them, you are willing to give your life for them. Love has to be the root and sacrifice is just the fruit…”

– Rod Davis

Twenty-two years ago, the Davis family decided to move into the barrio in La Vega, a neighborhood in the Dominican Republic. The Davis family was from Portland Oregon and Oakland CA.  Twila and Rod decided that God’s call on their lives was so profound, they would move with their 3-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son to the DR. They didn’t know Spanish and had no savings or family to support them. In fact, they were receiving 25 dollars a month. The barrio, in a one-room, tin-roof home, is where they would land.”

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“Only 7% of nonprofits are directed by people of color and only 18% of nonprofit employees are people of color.”

From collaborative data from Nonprofit Quarterly and the Annie E. Casey Foundation

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