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Bring VR to Children In Hospital.

Bring VR to Children In Hospital.
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In Japan, around 2,400 children are hospitalized for more than a month annually.
Children under long-term hospitalization are exposed to various elements that may give them stress and anxiety, chief of the elements being the lack of friends to talk to and play with.
Separated from the regular company of school friends and family is likely to cause the children to feel lonely.

The world of Virtual Reality (VR) lets the children become anyone, do anything and go anywhere.
It allows the children to visit the beach, the hike up a mountain, take a stroll through a bustling metropolis and even enjoy theme park rides.
In addition, VR lets the children communicate with their families and friends face-to-face, as if they are in the same room physically!
By giving the children access to VR, we hope to introduce a world of freedom and the opportunity for them to keep in touch with their loved ones, making their hospitalization term much more enjoyable.

VRChat is the application of choice in which we plan to introduce the children to the world of VR.
Users are able to create and publish their own worlds online for others to experience. VRChat currently services a whopping 3 million players worldwide. With VRChat, it is possible to step into the shoes of your virtual avatar, and experience a multitude of interesting user-created worlds as well as interact with other players face-to-face.

We will set up the necessary VR equipment at a hospital to create an environment where VR can be used easily.
The necessary items are simply a VR-ready laptop computer, a VR headset and motion sensors. Setting-up of the equipment is not difficult and can be completed fairly quickly.
Once set up, the children will be able to enjoy the wonders of the VR world, right within the hospital.

* For safety purposes, the children allowed to utilize the VR devices should be of age 13 years or older. Children under the age of 13 should be allowed to use the VR devices only with expressed permission from a doctor, and under supervision of a qualified personnel after taking into consideration the medical condition of said children.

The donations will be used to purchase the necessary VR equipment.
A set of VR equipment, inclusive of a notebook PC, headset and motion sensors costs roughly $2700 each at the time of this writing.
If the donation were to exceed the necessary amount for purchasing a set of VR equipment, additional sets will be purchased to allow more children to experience VR simultaneously.

* Main purchased goods are as follows.
· Oculus Rift or HTC vive or other applicable VR devices
· VR-ready laptop

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