Join Karen to help her fight rare breast cancer
Join Karen to help her fight rare breast cancer

Cancer always comes as an unwanted surprise.  I am a 42 year old Spanish educator and was ready to start a new school year in August 2013 when the doctor diagnosed me with a rare, aggressive breast cancer called triple negative.  The disease initially scared me since the doctor gave me a 60-70% survival rate.   Now, I have hope as nutrition and chemotherapy is working to reduce the tumor size. 

I am passionate about teaching but had to take a reduced workload to fight this disease as I struggle with the emotional and physical discomforts while living alone with nearest family members two hours away. My out of town treatments and medical bills have strained me financially and exhausted my savings since I have already used all my sick days at work and am only working and getting remunerated a quarter time. It is difficult to ask for financial help since I have always provided for myself but I know people may want to help.

Hope Mob is a non-profit 501C organization that accepts donations at 100% given towards my medical and living expenses.   Donors can print receipts and use 100% of their donation as a tax deductible gift that represent up to 50 percent of their adjusted gross income if they itemize on their federal tax returns. 

Feel free to visit my CaringBridge blog to read updates and view pictures I post during my long journey as I have chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and reconstruction. I am relying on the goodwill of friends, family and those in my community to help me fight this disease; thank you!


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