JJ's Road to Recovery
JJ's Road to Recovery

20 year old, JJ Martinsky, was criticaly injured on September 20th 2013. As JJ was driving down a main through street in his hometown of Yukon, Oklahoma, a large tree branch fell on top of the truck he was driving. JJ never saw the branch falling and was trapped inside until help arrived. He was rushed to OU Trauma Center in Oklahoma City. Within hours of his arrival, his family would learn that JJ suffered from a fractured skull with bleeding in his brain, fractured jaw, several facial fractures, fractures in his neck (C3) and back (T2) as well as severe bulging of discs in his lumbar region. JJ needed surgery to stabelize his neck and back. After undergoing a 5 hour surgery he was placed in a brace and remained in ICU for 5 days. He suffered from memory loss and found it difficult to communicate. JJ was moved to a post-trauma room and began physical therapy. He began to regain some strength and was soon able to get out of bed and walk short distances. He remains in his neck/back brace and faces many more doctor visits as well as possiable surgeries. JJ, like most 20 year olds, did not have medical insurance. He has been told that the bills will exceed $200,000 and this is not something his family can financially take on alone. With the help and kindness of others, we hope to ease a small piece of this burden so that JJ can remain focused on recovering from this event.

This accident was covered by several news stations in our area and videos can be seen at:





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