Video Story: Hope in the Barrio

@HopeMob Director, Leroy Barber reports on his recent visit to the Dominican Republic. Rod and Twila Davis have been quietly and faithfully serving the barrio in La Vega for the past 22 years.

Video: A Story of Hope in the Dominican Republic

This conversation between Rod and Leroy is a discussion of Rod’s journey, with his family, to serving in the Dominican. Rod admits he and his wife arrived in Haiti with “delusions of grandeur” and was quickly humbled by how much he needed to rely on the help and support of his incredible new neighbors.

Video Story: Eric Knox – Holla Mentors

Watch the story of Eric Knox and his program: Holla Mentors

Featured Story: Reimagining Success In Chicago’s Humboldt Park

This is the story of Amy Williams and her work in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

Video Story: Empowering the Next Generation to Love Englewood

  This is the story of Pastor Jonathan Brooks and his ministry in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Read more about this story and campaign.