Video: A Story of Hope in the Dominican Republic

This conversation between Rod and Leroy is a discussion of Rod’s journey, with his family, to serving in the Dominican. Rod admits he and his wife arrived in Haiti with “delusions of grandeur” and was quickly humbled by how much he needed to rely on the help and support of his incredible new neighbors.

Through sickness, water deprivation and more, this community gathered together with vision and a commitment to growth. Giving full credit to the people he lives with for having awesome ideas, Rod and his wife have been a huge support in seeing the dreams of his friends in the Dominican become a reality.

Because of the shared burdens and needs that existed for Rod and his community equally, incredible things have been established and are continuing to develop. Listen in to hear more and be a part of this incredible story of how Rod and his family are part of the Hope that is rising in their community in the Dominican Republic.

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