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David Pruidze's @HopeMob's Fundraiser

David Pruidze's @HopeMob's Fundraiser

I'm getting creative with helping others. I've decided to focus all of my energy on raising awareness of projects affecting cerebral palsy. My Goal is to raise 5000 USD  by 15 Jule 2018.

That's why I started this fundraiser on HopeMob. Every penny of this goes to fund projects that provide to create Summer camp for children with the limited opportunities on a coast of the Black Sea. Summer camp children will have an opportunity normally and is high-grade to have a rest and to have a good time. During rest, parallel the carried out medical measures will improve their health and emotional condition. Children will leave from daily monotony. Will be created the preliminary conditions for their functional independence in the future and them will be easier for adjusting contacts with healthy children in natural environment. These powerful projects even give updates on their progress that show real results and real lives impacted!

Thank you for helping me make a difference!

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