Why Do We Need HopeMob?
Savvy and discerning donors are increasingly demanding that their donations go directly and completely to causes and people and not systems or bureaucracies.
Donors are saying that current cause platforms overwhelm them. Too many feature enormous causes that seems impossible for one person to fix (27 million slaves in the world). The needs HopeMob features are often small and can be easily addressed with just a few people coming together.
The Bridge
People who have pressing needs often lack either the social network, technology, energy, or time to connect to people with the heart and means to help them. We build this bridge from those with needs to generous strangers who can help meet those needs.
Direct Aid
People with the heart and means to provide direct aid to those in need are increasingly skeptical of mega charities and want vetted methods to ensure their resources are maximized. This is what we do.
Our Special Pledge
We will give 100% of everything we raise online for causes directly to that cause and that cause alone – we will even cover the processing fees.
Our Dual Purpose
To provide people with generous hearts a simple, focused, trustworthy platform to give direct, immediate aid to people with pressing needs.
To create an honorable place for people with pressing needs to tell their story to a caring audience that wants to help them right away.