Stand With Maceo!
Stand With Maceo!



Thank you so much everybody!!! We reached our goal with 24 days to spare! We are now going to start phase two of the Stand With Maceo! Project which is to make a documentary film.

Our mission is to raise awareness about innovative treatments for kids with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders through funding and documenting Maceo's journey.  We want to educate and motivate parents and caregivers. All funds raised over our initial $15,000 are going to be used for that purpose. Thanks again for standing with Maceo and stay tuned!!


Just a few months ago, we thought it might not be possible for our 4 ½-year-old son Maceo to ever stand on his own two feet. But after 2 years of hard work at an innovative physical therapy, he just stood for the very first time!

This November, there is a rare opportunity for Maceo to work directly with Ramón Cuevas, the creator of the therapy, at his center in Santiago, Chile. This intensive program is designed to help Maceo attain a level of physical strength and coordination in just 2 weeks that would otherwise likely take years to achieve. His father, mother (me!) and nurse will also do in-depth training to learn to administer the therapy 5 days a week when we get home.


The total cost including travel, housing and CME therapy in Chile is $15,000. And we have just a short time to raise it. Even though it's not easy to ask, we really need a little help so we can help Maceo. Every dollar is a step in the right direction. No donation is too small or goes unrecognized or unappreciated. Any funds raised over and above our goal, will go toward the "Stand With Maceo Project" a fiscally sponsored project whose mission is to raise awareness of innovative treatments for kids with cerebral palsy and other neurological & movement disorders. 

Thank you so much for your support!


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