Create Freedom For Human Trafficked Survivors
Create Freedom For Human Trafficked Survivors


Red Light’s Inkululeko (IsiZulu word for freedom) Project was initiated in June 2012 with the vision of empowering survivors of human trafficking through skills development by creative projects.  Inkululeko Project’s overall vision is to see the identity and destinies of survivors of human trafficking and women at risk, restored.

A gap in sustainable opportunities for human trafficking survivors and survival sex workers will be filled through the “Create Freedom Project.”  Women referred through Life Line’s Ithuba Lethu Project and survivors residing in the shelter will be given the opportunities to learn skills which will enable sustainable living.  The Create Freedom project will be individually specific with the vision of restoring identity and destiny through multiple craft, sewing and art projects.  Through creating works of beauty it is hoped that women will have a means of income generation as well as the resources needed to pursue their dreams eg further education.  Items that are created will be sold at markets and online in order to support the women in their freedom.  A US based organization Rethreaded ( will be assisting in selling products internationally.

The Inkululeko project began working into existing shelters in the greater Durban area through craft projects, but due to a high turn over of women in the shelters from week to week; the Inkululeko project has shifted its focus. 

In networking with organizations globally and through visiting projects in India, specifically Kolkata; Red Light’s Inkululeko project saw the need to create economic opportunities for women at risk and survivors of human trafficking.

The Create Freedom project is the means to fill the current gaps existing in Durban, and hopes to provide an individually specific opportunity for each of the women who participate in the project. It is hoped that the women at risk and survivors of human trafficking are enabled to live out their purpose in a sustainable way and reduce their risk of being re-trafficked and returning to the red light areas.

The Create Freedom project will be initiated in March 2013 in one of the red light areas of Durban.  In partnership with business owners and LifeLine Durban’s Ithubalethu (Our Chance) project, it is envisioned that many lives will be impacted and destinies restored. 

The Create Freedom Project aims to establish partnerships with recognized retailers and designers to distribute products.  Products made by the women will be sold at various local markets and online initially, but hope to expand internationally.  All products will be sold and 100% of the funds received will contribute to the women’s freedom and the sustainability of the project.

The Inkululeko project will continue supporting existing shelters in Durban with care packs for new admission to the shelters as the need arises.  These packs are dependent solely on donations. 

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