My Little Zak Needs Dental Surgery
My Little Zak Needs Dental Surgery

My little Zak needs dental surgery including multiple extractions. His dental condition is causing pain, affecting his eating and putting his kidneys at risk. Because his last dental (almost two years ago) caused complications (I almost lost him), he needs to go to the dental specialist at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.

The thought of him being in pain with multiple resorptive lesions...Zak is the sweetest, gentlest kitty I've ever met. Such a love bug. I'm hoping to get this surgery done as soon as possible.
The cost of the surgery is more than I can afford. I desperately need to ask for additional financial help. I've researched the availability of funding through multiple organizations. I've applied for grants but most organizations have limited funds right now and limit their donations to animals that will die within 10 days. 
I qualify for financial assistance through Angell. They will cover 50% (up to $750). They have given me an estimate as high as $1652 and I need to raise funds for the remaining balance. Unfortunately I'm still paying off veterinary bills from the past year. His recovery has required multiple diagnostic tests and a great deal of supportive care.
I will be forever grateful for whatever amount you might be able to contribute. Every dollar counts. Even the smallest donation will help. He's a pretty special, little guy and the love of my life!
Thank you so much!
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