Let's Raise $2.6 Million to Advocate Sensible Gun Control & the Reduction of Gun Violence in America
Let's Raise $2.6 Million to Advocate Sensible Gun Control & the Reduction of Gun Violence in America

((Personal Note from Our CEO, Shaun King :: As a father to 5 young children, the Sandy Hook School shooting has shaken me deeply.  I have been a gun owner for almost 10 years and have been very silent and rather ambivalent on gun control until now.  I've had a change of heart and this story reflects my desire to protect people - particularly children.  I love each of you and hope that if you disagree with me on this issue that you will still support the other great stories we tell.  You can always email directly @ shaun@hopemob.org to express your support or concerns. --Shaun))


Last year, the NRA (National Rifle Association), spent $2.5 million lobbying Washington politicians for fewer gun restrictions throughout the United States.  

It worked. Firearms, assault rifles, and weapons of war (like the Bushmaster AR-15 pictured below that was used in the Sandy Hook School shooting) can be purchased with a gallon of milk @ Wal-Mart and are easier to buy in this country than plane tickets or health insurance.  

We, the people, are determined to put our money where our mouth is by outraising the NRA with $2.6 million to advocate for sensible gun control laws and the reduction of gun violence across America. 

It's time for a change.  With well over 10,000 men, women, and children murdered by handguns every single year in the United States, the truth is that we should have rallied together like this before 20 beautiful six & seven year olds were gunned down with an assault rifle @ Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  However, with an average of 32 people murdered daily by guns in the United States (more than most industrialized nations have in an entire year), the daily onslaught of violence, has, perhaps, numbed our senses.


We know that we can do better and we refuse to sit idly by and wait for our political leaders to solve this problem on their own.  The 2nd Amendment (Right to Bear Arms) is an essential part of the fabric of our country, but we strongly believe that it can simultaneously be preserved AND our nation made much safer.

Before we decided to plunge into this ambitious goal, the HopeMob team labored for days with how we could best honor the students, staff, families, and first responders of the Sandy Hook School.  We have already successfully told two stories to support the families and first responders and our team feels like we could best honor everybody by pouring our heart, soul, and money into world-class organizations that are already on the ground fighting for a safer America.

This is not about dissing the NRA or fighting against the 2nd Amendment - this is about finding meaningful ways to save lives.

As always, every dime we raise here will go directly to this story and this story alone!


$2.6 million ÷ 5 organizations = $520,000 per organization.

We will give five $520,000 grants to the following organizations for them to forcefully advocate the sensible reduction of gun violence in America:

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

The Press Secretary to President Ronald Reagan, James Brady was paralyzed when shot during an assassination attempt on the president.  He has since become, perhaps, the most sensible, balanced, but forceful advocate for gun control in America and The Brady Campaign is universally thought to be the leading advocay organization on this topic.


The Children’s Defense Fund

Founded by Presidential Medal of Freedom winner, Marian Wright Edelman, in 1973, The Children's Defense Fund is lauded as the premier child advocacy organization and research group in the country.


Project H.O.O.D.

If gun violence in this nation is an epidemic, then inner city Chicago is ground zero.  Corey Brooks, an award-winning grass roots activist, has created Project H.O.O.D. to stand against violence on the streets of Chicago and to empower young people to overcome the obstacles they face daily.


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Founded in 1974, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is a collection of 48 grassroots organizations that have unified to advocate for sensible gun control and advocacy.


The Newtown Memorial Fund

Formed in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, this fund is managed by an amazing cross-section of Newtown residents and leaders and will be used to support families and find the best ways to honor the lives that were lost. 



Q: Why give here to this story?

A: If we raise $2.6 million together, in addition to giving a huge surge to charities, it will be a STRONG public statement to our government and to the world that we are ready for change.

Q: I don’t have a debit or credit card, how can I give? 

A: Choose Dwolla at checkout to give safely with your bank account.

Q: I prefer to give with Paypal, is that an option?

A: Yes.  Our debit/credit card giving option is powered by Paypal, but if you want to give specifically on the Paypal site, please send your donation to the following email address: hello@hopemob.org and then email the receipt to the same email address so that we can add your donation to the total.

Q: I prefer to mail a check, how can I do this?

A: If you would like to mail a check or make a wire transfer for this campaign, please email the HopeMob team directly @ hello@hopemob.org for further instructions.  

Q: I would like to cover this story in the press. How do I contact? 

A: If you would like to cover this story in the press, please contact Danielle Gano @ danielle@ellecomm.com and she will expedite your request for interviews with our CEO, Shaun King.

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