Let's Cater Meals for the Sandy Hook Fire & Police Departments
Let's Cater Meals for the Sandy Hook Fire & Police Departments

The Sandy Hook Fire & Rescue Department is right next door to Sandy Hook Elementary School.  These brave men and women were the first responders to the tragedy there and their firehouse first served as the triage center and refuge place for family members in the immediate aftermath.  

The Newtown County Police Department has done an amazing job under impossibly difficult circumstances.  As expected, these men and women have seen things that none of us should ever have to see.

Later this week, we will provide you with a way to cater meals for the 26 families of the victims.  Today, we'd like for you to help us cater meals for the next 30 days for these brave men and women - to help make life just a little bit easier for them.  

We will use local vendors, and, as always, 100% of what we raise here will go to this story alone.

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