Let's Stand with the Students & Families of Sandy Hook Elementary School & Newtown, CT
Let's Stand with the Students & Families of Sandy Hook Elementary School & Newtown, CT

Yesterday we learned of an awful tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  The details of this mass shooting are emerging as we post this.  It appears to be one of the worst school shootings in the history of our nation and the world.

20 young kids have been killed.  6 teachers and staff were killed.

Families have been devasated.  

HopeMob has a history of standing with people and families in their greatest time of need, from the shooting in Aurora, CO to victims of Hurricane Sandy, and that is what we will do here.  We will post new details as we receive them.  We have volunteers near Newtown now.

First and foremost, we want to be sensitive to these unimaginably devastated families.

Here is what we will pledge - as we always do.

100% of what we raise here will go to support families directly affected by this shooting. As we learn of the needs, we will not hold on to your donation, but put it to use right away with emergency support for any healthcare costs, missed work, funeral costs, or any other needs that families may have.

  1. Donate now here on the website.
  2. Rally your children to send cards to the kids, families, and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School. We should also send cards to the first responders - i.e police and medics who first arrived at the school and have had an unimaginably tough time.  We will provide an address for you to send them.  Keep the cards positive and encouraging.
  3. Pray.  If you don't pray, send good vibes, energy, good thoughts, or whatever. It's all needed.

If you or anyone you know are directly connected to a family, please feel free to email our CEO, Shaun King, directly @ shaun@hopemob.org or call him @ 678.641.5016.

If you have partners, charities, or religious organizations on the ground that you know need support, please contact Shaun and we will support them.

Thank you for your generosity and stay tuned here for more details.

-Shaun & HopeMob Team

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