Help build the school you wish everyone could go to; Baltimore Youth initiative high school
Help build the school you wish everyone could go to; Baltimore Youth initiative high school
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Once upon a time there was a wonderful school, a Waldorf high school. Nearly all the teachers were engaging, no one ever got beat up (teachers or students) and the only needles found in school were pine needles. It wasn't a perfect place but for a school in Baltimore it was pretty awesome.  


Unfortunately things weren't going so well for this high school. It was so expensive hardly any of the students who went there could pay the full price and the teachers were overworked because there wasn't enough money to hire more teachers. There were so many other options for high schools and so few people who chose to attend that eventually the school had to close.

Out of the ashes of the old school a new school rose like a phoenix. A group of students and parents got together who valued the Waldorf education model enough to take a leap of faith, faith that people are ready for a renewed approach to education. They kept the Waldorf education model, a proven approach that introduces critical thinking. They relied on the latest information on education and the needs of young people: adjusting start times to later, pledging moderate, meaningful homework and committing to find only the most engaging teachers. They found kindred spirits along the way to guide and inspire them.  And in only 4 months, they built a school together.  
That school is our school: Baltimore Youth Initiative High School. We focus on educating youth to be their B.E.S.T: Build, Explore, Serve, Transform. In this school students are encouraged to take the initiative, for instance writing our story in an engaging and creative way for our Hope Mob page. We work with adults in every aspect of the school--administration, marketing, curriculum, hiring--and by doing so learn skills that would otherwise be neglected. We created the school outside of the public system, but we believe it will help bring hope for public and independent schools alike by presenting a good example of how high school should be.
One of the coolest things (and craziest things) about BYI is that we don't have tuition, at least not in the traditional sense. This makes our school accessible to all students, no matter their income, class or social status.

Of course schools don't run on dreams and friendship (although both help) which is where you guys come in. We need teachers and not all of them can live on barter and exchange (although some like that a lot). We need funds, resources and volunteers.  We need to get our message out there and let people know places like this can and do exist. Finally, we need support to make it happen.  We're asking for Hope Mob to help fund and promote our school by donating towards our second core teacher and by sharing our story with your friends and personal networks.

We’ve set a goal of $25,000, about half the cost of staffing a second full time teacher.  Our goal is to stabilize cash flow to help make our early years at BYI sustainable. But we know the resources of social media are much more powerful. We know that there must be millions of people who believe in what we're doing and hundreds or thousands who can help us make this a success.  If 100,000 people gave just one dollar each we would send a powerful message about our school and the education system.

With your help this story doesn't have an end it just keeps going forward supporting a future where people care not just about the quantity of high test scores but the quality of the educational experience.  At Baltimore Youth Initiative we believe in ourselves and we believe in you. Join us in transforming education.                                                              
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