Here's How We All Bring HOPE to Aurora, Colorado!
Here's How We All Bring HOPE to Aurora, Colorado!

UPDATE on August 1st :: Thank all of you for chipping in for the Medley family in Aurora.  Together with the $10,000 we raised, we helped cover several months of core life expenses for the Medley family (rent, utilities, etc.) during this very tough time. THANK YOU!

UPDATE on Friday, July 27th :: Over the past week our team on the ground in Aurora has spoken with dozens of victims and family members.  As you can imagine, their entire lives have been turned upside down and it has been hard to tell left from right for them.  Our goal has been to tell specific stories of need from specific families, but to do so with love.  We're now ready and hope you are too.  



Here goes...


Caleb, an aspiring comedian, and his wife Katie were in the theater the night of the Aurora shooting.  Katie was 9 months pregnant and this was like a last date for them before the baby came.


Katie, thankfully made it out of the theater safely.


Caleb did not.  He was shot in the face.  He lost an eye, has a brain injury, and is currently in a medically induced coma.  Can you imagine how difficult this must be for his family?


Just a few days ago, Katie had their beautiful baby, Hugo, and she is hoping and believing that her husband will make a full recovery.  

They need our help. 


Let's show this young family how much we care!  We have learned that Katie, obviously, will need help with living expenses and needs help with more items for the baby.  We have already used our first $4,000 to help her and her extended family with rent, but we will use the next $6,000 to go for items and expenses they need for the baby.


Every dollar raised until we hit $10,000 will go to Caleb, Katie, and Baby Hugo!


Let's roll!



Only the most devoted fans of Batman show up for the opening midnight showing.  When hundreds and hundreds of people arrived at the theater to see newest Dark Knight film in Aurora, Colorado, they had no idea that their lives would be forever changed by one of the worst mass shootings in American history.



Here are the 5 things your donations will do.  They are in order of our current priorities as we have learned them from victims and families in Aurora.

1. We will assist the families of murder victims with all costs associated with the funeral, burial and memorial of their loved ones.

2. We will provide all wounded victims immediate assistance with core life expenses like rent, mortgage, utilities, food, etc. on a case by case basis. We will work directly with local support teams on the ground to make sure that this is done fairly. Per HopeMob policy, we do not provide cash, but cover verified expenses directly.

3. In the case that any wounded victims need help with medical costs, we will cover these costs. We will work directly with teams on the ground concerning these costs.

4. We will provide families of murder victims and those that were wounded with the best counseling services in the world and follow up care based on the advice of those counselors - whatever that may be.

5. We will assist families of murder victims with the costs associated with any memorial videos, photos, creative projects - including the creation of charitable foundations that they may want to create for their loved one.

Let's do this HopeMob! Let's show the world what we're made of.  Check back here for regular reports and updates. 

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