Let's Fully Fund & Stock the Cite Soleil Music School for Kids in Haiti
Let's Fully Fund & Stock the Cite Soleil Music School for Kids in Haiti

Cite Soleil, meaning “sun city” is an extremely impoverished and densely populated community on the outskirts of Haiti’s capital, Port-au Prince, often referred to as the most dangerous slum in the Western Hemisphere. Many children within Cite Soleil resort to 
violence, fueled by hunger and the frustration of trying to survive on less than a dollar a day, with 90% of children too poor to attend school. Faced with such daunting prospects, many are left with the belief that violence offers the only resource for economic opportunity and respect.

In 2006, a group of local Haitians came together to build the Cite Soleil Music School, uplifting youth in their community through music. They believe that music has the capability to foster peace and pursue a simple mission: give young people an alternative to violence by replacing guns with musical instruments.

The Music School offers youth a safe community space for personal growth through music, providing hope to over 100 children. We want to help build the Cite Soleil Philharmonic Orchestra, bringing the message of hope and peace to audiences around the world and serve as musical ambassadors of Haiti. We hope to offer music to 228 children eager to get an instrument and access to instruction.

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