Let's Help a Pregnant Mother with Conjoined Twins Get the Right Care!
Let's Help a Pregnant Mother with Conjoined Twins Get the Right Care!
IMPORTANT UPDATE on June 20th:: Our friends Heather & Caleb King, featured in this story, just learned that their conjoined twins, when full-term, are not expected to live. We have decided to still tell this story and to provide them with the $1,000 gift to cover upcoming expenses we expect them to have. Heather is still going to continue with this pregnancy. The babies are fully alive and active right now. While we all hope for a miracle, everything is day by day right now.

She still needs medical care to include the following ::

1. Prenatal care
2. A very expensive C-section (it's more complicated than most due to the shape of the twins) and the extended hospital stay that will result.
3. The team of doctors that will be present at the C-section charge us separately, so that's another charge we are anticipating on top of the hospital charges.
4. The follow-up care necessitated by the C-section.

We know that somebody knows somebody that knows somebody in Chicago for this. Let's roll!

Email hello@hopemob.org if you can help!


On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, Heather & Caleb discovered that they are expecting conjoined twins. This phenomenon is extremely rare: it happens in only 1 of 200,000 live births.

They are working artists, have insurance, but have no maternity coverage. Therefore, insurance will not cover any prenatal visits, extra ultrasounds, fetal MRIs, or echiocardiograms, which are standard tests performed on conjoined twins.

They've paid for 2 ultrasounds out-of-pocket, which told them that the babies are joined at the trunk (chest and abdomen) and have separate hearts. They are facing each other and share part of their spine. They don't yet know how many internal organs they share.


1. Let's quickly raise $1,000 to help them cover travel expenses for the care that they are surely going to get after we tell their story.

2. Let's get this story as much local media coverage in the Chicago area as humanly possible. Find every influential leader and personality in and from Chicago on Twitter and ask them to spread the word. Ask every news station (TV, radio, print) to cover their story.

3. Let's call and email and, if you live in Chicago, visit every qualified medical facility in the Chicago metro area and ask them to take this case on pro-bono. Heather and the babies need EXCELLENT medical care and they need it right now!

Let's bring Heather, Caleb, and these special unborn babies some HOPE!!!

Come on HOPEMOB! Let's work our magic!!
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