Let's Rescue a North Korean Refugee
Let's Rescue a North Korean Refugee

Up to 50,000 North Korean refugees are hiding in China today. Leaving the country without permission is punishable by harsh treatment, detention, imprisonment, torture, and even execution.

Our friends @ LiNK (Liberty for North Korea) are helping refugees escape through a 3,500 mile long underground railroad. Heather is one of the most recent refugees they have rescued. She escaped North Korea because she was starving, but unfortunately as she arrived to China, she was immediately sold to a Chinese man and was abused repeatedly for over six years.

In late 2011, LiNK connected with Heather and offered her an opportunity to escape. She accepted, and has been successfully rescued to freedom where she is now living in South Korea.

Heather's story is an inspiration as we continue to work on the ground in China to rescue more North Korean refugees.

Since 2010, LiNK has rescued 88 refugees.

We are trying to raise $2,500, enough to rescue the next North Korean refugee currently in hiding and waiting for our support. If this mission is successful, HopeMob intends to help rescue many, many more.

Due to security issues, we can't provide the info on the particular refugee we are raising the funds for until the rescue mission has been completed. Once rescued, we will provide a name, story, and photo.

The longer the refugee has to wait (in hiding), the more likely it is for them to be caught and sent back to North Korea. We begin the rescue mission as soon as funding is available, unless a major security issues comes up.

As soon as we receive the $2,500, we will begin the mission. Let's GO!!!

HopeMob is the only fee-free fundraising platform online. 100% of all funds received will be forwarded to the story owner whether the total amount needed is collected or not.