Let's get 40 $50 Gas Cards for Human Trafficking Victims
Let's get 40 $50 Gas Cards for Human Trafficking Victims

Human trafficking is complicated. It's physical, it's emotional, it's psychological...but it is particularly financial.

Rescuing women from the sex trade requires financial support to prevent them from returning. WellSpring Living in Metro Atlanta is one of the best organizations in the world at rescuing young women from trafficking and eventually returning them back to full, productive members of society.

Without the financial support that is needed, it is incredibly easy for women, even when they hate it, to return back to the life they know. These gas cards will allow young women that have been rescued to travel to and from essential appointments, supervised family meetings, and more as they are slowly brought back to a balanced life.

As always, every dollar that you give here will go directly to this story and this story alone. Together we will purchase 40 $50 gas cards to support the young ladies of WellSpring and give them a head start on their recovery!

Let's GO!

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