Let's Get 100 Mattresses for Recently Homeless Families
Let's Get 100 Mattresses for Recently Homeless Families

We love the team @ Humble Design (HumbleDesign.org). They are an amazing charity that serves the families of Detroit in such a special way.

Escaping homelessness, families, often the victims of domestic violence, are regularly left with nothing but the clothes on their back. After leaving a shelter, it takes a minor miracle to simply get a safe place to stay and make sure that everybody eats three meals a day.

Humble Designs comes alongside these families and gives them simple home makeovers to ensure they have the basic things they need - like beds. In Detroit, it's brutally cold in the winter and kids are sleeping on the floor or on extremely old mattresses with bed bugs.

We can do better. Let's send 100 mattresses and box springs to our friends at Humble Designs so that they can support families that need our help. Let's send them these before the winter hits and provide families that are helping themselves out of poverty with a hand up!

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