Let's Repair a Broken Water Well in the Central African Republic
Let's Repair a Broken Water Well in the Central African Republic

We love and trust Jim Hocking and ICDI (Integrated Community Development International). They are a trusted partner of our good friends @ Charity Water. That's how we met Jim.

He was born and raised in the Central African Republic and understands what healthy community development really looks and feels like.

Repairing broken pumps and water wells isn't sexy to most, but it's actually right up our alley! HopeMob specializes in stories that just don't fit in anywhere else.

The Central African Republic is a small country in sub-saharan Africa where civil war has 3 times torn it limb from limb. Although the capital city has begun to re-establish itself the farther out of the country you go the more difficult it is for the people to regain their equilibrium. In the town of Bogangolo the people have been begging ICDi to come and help them get their water flowing again.

There are four (4) pumps in this area and fixing even one will be a great help to the populations of these 4 towns. Although these towns range from 110 people to 10,000 people fixing even one pump will not only give better health but will also provide for the school age children the time to go to school instead of hauling water from the un-safe water source up to 3 kilometers away.

Let's fix one pump quickly and go after another one later.

As always, every dime you give here goes exclusively to this cause and this cause alone!

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