Our Vision.
Our goal is to become the largest, most active, effective, innovative community of generosity in the world.
Twitter & Facebook
On Twitter, Facebook and here on our website, we build the largest community of generous strangers the world has ever seen. HopeMob is not a platform with a community, but a community with a platform.
Members of HopeMob make a true heart commitment to the success of our community by supporting our lean operations financially and being a champion for HopeMob every chance they get.
Verified Stories
We show the mob verified stories of need from all over the world.
Hitting Our Goals
One by one, we mob stories of need with donations, awareness, and volunteerism until they hit their goals.
We continue to push the envelope to be one of the most effective and innovative charities in the world.
What's Different About HopeMob?
ᐤ We are the only fee-free platform in the world open to all people and causes.
ᐤ We are the only crowdfunding platform in the world that independently verifies stories.
ᐤ We are the only crowdfunding platform in the world that offers compassionate support to assist people in writing and publishing their story if they request it.