How does HopeMob work?
HopeMob is a crowfunding platform from @Hope that allows generous strangers to give Hope to each other online. Simply click on the “Submit Your Story” button and submit your story today. Start promoting in your community both online and offline and watch generous strangers give Hope. You can also give others Hope by contributing towards their stories. All stories go live immediately but are subject to rules and regulations of the site. What are you waiting for? Click Here
Who can create a story on the HopeMob platform?
In order to be an author of a story, you must be at least 18 years of age, be a US resident, have an active US bank account, and have a valid US mailing address. (All story funds are mailed via US mail.)

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What type of stories can be posted on HopeMob?
Stories of Hope are preferred however Hope can be defined in many different ways. For example, a person with a health issue could need Hope. The entrepreneur that is building a new type of bicycle to help eliminate Carbon Dioxide in the environment could also be a story of Hope. We have categories for Animals Advocacy, Arts & Culture, Children, Civil & Human Rights, Clean Water, Disability Support, Education, Environment, Faith and Religion, Families in Need, Food & Farming, Health, Homelessness, Human Trafficking, International Development, Science, Technology and Inventions. Please note that any story that includes any type of adult material will be removed.
How can I maximize my story on HopeMob?
Most of our users like the sense of community at HopeMob. Having a completed profile that has links to all of your social networks and a good avatar are key to make a connection between your campaign and the HopeMob community. Also having a link to a personal website or blog may also boost your ability to have a successful story.

Updating your story often in the “updates” section of your story can increase traffic dramatically. Once you upload your story you can access your profile to update your stories “updates” section as often as you would like. Again these updates give a sense of community to our users and will help maximize your story potential.
Can I edit my story once it is live?
Yes you can edit your story after your story goes live. Please note however once your story has received at least 50% of it’s funding goal your story can no longer be edited.
Can I link my campaign to another website?
Yes, you will have the ability in the story editor to put in links to other webpages. In fact, giving donors the ability to see the depth in your project with additional websites, videos etc. can often help confirm the authenticity of your campaign therefore maximizing your fundraising potential.
* Please note that HopeMob does not allow users to link their HopeMob Campaign or Author Profile to any other crowdfunding website. Do not put links to another crowdfunding website either in your story or your author profile. Doing so will violate the rules and regulations of the HopeMob website and will cause your story / account to be suspended from Additionally, monitors all links regularly and if deems any link included in either your profile or story, to be inappropiate or damaging in any way, your story / account will be suspended.
The format of my story changed?
HopeMob monitors all stories on and retains the right to alter the format and or style of a story at any time to increase the visual appearance of a story on the website. also reserves the right to correct typo's and or grammer mistakes when noticed on the website.
Does HopeMob ever give refunds to backers?
If a story is suspended for any reason, the backers of that specific story will receive a refund minus any merchant fees (up to 5%).
Can stories ever collect more than their story goal?
All stories remain on the HopeMob platform until reaching the end date of your story. As long as your story / campaign has not expired, you can continue to raise funds. Once your story / campaign has expired is no longer will be able to receive donations. Some stories / campaigns have received over 150% of their original goal.
My story was live but then disappeared?
HopeMob reserves the right to suspend any story, at any time. When a story is suspended, the story will no longer be live on the website and any funds associated with the specific story will be returned to the backers minus any merchant fees (up to 5%).
Are there fees for creating a story?
There are no fees to submit your story / campaign. Once your story has closed, HopeMob will apply a 4% fee to the total amount of funds your story has collected. This fee is in ecahnge for having the story on the website. These fees are only processed if you collect funds on your story and no fees will be placed on stories / campaigns that raise $0 in funds. There is also a 5% merchant and processing fee with each story. These fees are to cover the merchant fees, processing fees and shipping and handling of payments to each story Author. These fees are in addition to the 4% HopeMob story fee. Often, when creating the funding goal for a story, the author will increase their story goal by ten percent so that the fees will be covered in the overage they requested. For example if your goal is $100 you may want to set your goal to $110 (10% increase) so that you still receive at least $100 after fees are removed from your story.
How do I get my funds once my story has closed?
If your story has closed you can request your story funds by emailing Story funds are processed and sent to the author approx 10 - 15 days after receiving a request at the above address. Please note that if funds have not been requested or HopeMob can not reach the author of a story within 90 days of your story closing, the funds raised for your story will be forfeited. Funds that are requested to be sent out of the US may be subject to additional processing fees.
Have additional questions?
Please go to our Support Desk FAQs for more answers to commonly asked questions about HopeMob.